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David Gault developed EarBuddies™, which can correct most baby ear deformities, when one of his own children was born with a misshapen ear. EarBuddies™ are now used by parents, hospitals and professional fitters worldwide . The Royal College of Surgeons have recently recommended that all families are made aware of splinting early, so that minor deformities can be corrected quickly, avoiding teasing and surgery in later life.

His advances in surgery for ear deformity have permitted better results with shorter procedures and less risk.

In a combined project with the Swansea Institute, he developed the first Depilation (hair removal) Laser, and worked with Rhytec on Plasma Skin Regeneration technology to improve the appearance of ageing skin. He designed an extravasation technique to flush-out noxious chemotherapy drugs when they leak out of veins, an innovation which saves a number of limbs each year.

David Gault has written over 160 original academic publications based on his research, and is a regular faculty member and invited speaker at international meetings.

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