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David Gault carries out a wide variety of excisional, aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for both children and adults, using both conventional and laser surgery, under general and local anaesthesia. Combining excision and lasers, it is often possible to reduce the amount of diseased or scarred tissue which must be cut away, improving the aesthetic result whilst ensuring that the problem is adequately and safely dealt with.

Currently, about one third of the procedures he undertakes are for skin blemishes and cancers, one third are purely cosmetic and one third are reconstructive – often to correct failed surgery, or to replace a missing ear.

“My underlying ethic is to be totally realistic about what can be achieved by any surgical or laser procedure, rather than to sell it by hyping expectation.“   -   David Gault FRCS

He does not carry out chemical or mechanical dermabrasion or peels, he does not insert buttock or calf implants and does not inject any type of artificial filler or Botox. He does, however, undertake dermal filling using a patient's own fat (fat grafting) which can be useful not only in cosmetic but also reconstructive work where there is severe scarring, pain or lack of soft tissue.

Mr Gault aims to achieve as normal a result as possible even when the operated area is viewed at close quarters. Most of the photographs featured on this site are taken in macro view in order to best demonstrate what can be achieved. All of the clinical photographs on this site are authentic and have not been digitally enhanced in any way.

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