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Clinic schedules are as follows: the Clementine Churchill Hospitals (Tuesday lunchtimes 12-2), the Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital (Wednesday mornings 8– 1), The Portland Hospital (Wednesday afternoons 2-5) and the Cadogan Clinic (some Wednesday evenings 6-8). The location of these hospitals can be found on the contact page.

David Gault is also available on video by Skype for those who are travelling from a distance. The final assessment would still need to be made face to face, but it would at least enable him to advise you of the various options so that a surgery could be pencilled if appropriate before long-distance travel arrangements are made. Your photos and a good video Skype connection would be useful when taking up such a consultation.

Please use our online booking system below, or alternatively, call Mr Gault's Team of Secretaries to book an appointment.


Secretaries: 0203 393 1103 - 0203 327 0059 - 01628 891 333

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