Before Surgery

When we confirm your surgery, we will tell you when you should stop eating and drinking in order to be ready for a general anaesthetic. If you are having a local anaesthetic, there is no need to stop eating or drinking prior to your surgery.

Please arrive on time, as you will need to be registered at reception, seen by the nursing staff and by your anaesthetist (if you are having a general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation (twilight anaesthesia)) and Mr Gault before you go to theatre. It is best to arrive freshly bathed, without makeup or skin preparations, and with clean hair and nails. There is no longer any need to remove nail varnish from toes and fingers. You should wear comfortable clothing which is easily removed.  Front buttoning tops are best for any surgery to be performed on the head and neck.

We ask that you discontinue aspirin medication SEVEN days pre-operatively, Warfarin FOUR days pre-operatively and garlic and ginko tablets two weeks pre-operatively (these medicines can cause unwanted bleeding after surgery).

Because of the increased risk of thrombosis in patients who have major surgery under general anaesthetic when on the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy, you are strongly advised to stop taking these medications six weeks before the date of your operation. You may resume two weeks after the surgery. You should contact your Family Doctor to discuss another method of contraception to cover the interval.

Finally, we ask you to discontinue Valerian- and Kava-containing herbal medicines two weeks before surgery if you are having a general anaesthetic as these medicines can increase the sedative effects of the anaesthesia.

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