EAR (Ear Aesthetics & Reconstruction) is the Specialist Ear Surgery site of Consultant Plastic Surgeon David Gault FRCS. Working within the National Health Service for almost thirty years, he offered an expert ear reconstruction service at Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood and The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. In 2006, he set up the London Centre for Ear Reconstruction, centred at the Portland Hospital.

David Gault sees babies, children and adults, UK and international patients, and private and NHS referrals (by prior arrangement through an Individual Funding Request) at his clinics in and around London. All types of Ear Deformity and Disease of the external ear are treated, from minor to major, aesthetic to reconstructive, and congenital to acquired problems. Procedures include Otoplasty, Ear Reduction, Treatment of Ear Cancer, Chondritis (inflammation of the ear cartilage), failed cosmetic surgery and trauma after bite injuries, burns and accidents.

Please visit: www.earreconstruction.co.uk

Secretaries: 0203 393 1103 - 0203 327 0059 - 01628 891 333

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