The purpose of a consultation with David Gault is to discuss the problem face-to-face, but, in particular, for him to be able to see and examine the problem area.

David Gault sees patients of all ages, from birth upwards, and approximately equal numbers of men and women. All consultations take place in his clinics. He does not undertake domiciliary visits. Referrals may be sent by post or by e-mail.

Mr Gault speaks English and French. He has a some grasp of Spanish and Arabic, but patients who speak no English are best advised to bring along an interpreter.

Mr Gault uses a range of lasers, including those for depilation, pigment, tattoos and vascular lesions, at the Lister Hospital. Carbon dioxide laser treatment is undertaken at the Wellington Hospital, both on an in-patient and out-patient basis.  Vascular laser treatment (for red lesions) is available for children at the Portland and for adults at the Lister Hospital, Chelsea.