Laser Treatment

David Gault used a variety of lasers, including those for resurfacing and wrinkles, skin cancer, depilation, pigment, tattoos and vascular (red and purple) lesions.

One of the first types of lasers, the carbon dioxide laser, still has a firm place in the armamentarium of modern treatment. The COlaser is used to remove tissue by vaporising it. The standard CO2 laser can be used alongside conventional excisional surgery to limit the amount of tissue removal required to safely treat some types of skin cancer. It can also be very useful in clearing isolated or thick birthmarks, and some common benign skin blemishes such as seborrheic keratoses and age spots. 

David Gault was active in the development of the first depilation (hair-removing) laser in the UK, a long-pulsed ruby laser, in 1996, and  continued research into the use of skin lasers. He used mostly Alexandrite lasers for depilation, Nd YAG lasers to treat brown pigment, 595nm pulsed dye lasers and Diolite for vascular (red) lesions such as thread veins, and Ruby lasers and Fraxel in various combinations. Most tattooing can be removed with various laser combinations, but difficult green, yellow and orange patches may require more conventional excision for an acceptable cosmetic result.