Correction of Scars / Failed Salon / Surgery treatments

About a third of Mr Gault's current surgical workload is for scarring from trauma and the correction of surgery which has not met expectations. Patients wanting revision of ear surgery they have previously undergone should consult, the website dedicated to David Gault's specialist Ear Aesthetics and Reconstruction work.

It may be recommended that patients allow up to eighteen months for the tissues to settle before further surgery. In other cases, it may be possible to effect an improvement by less invasive means, including laser techniques. It is helpful, but not vital, for Mr Gault to see the operation note relating to the unsatisfactory procedure. It is particularly important, however, for patients who have had several procedures to be entirely open about their medical and personal history, particularly if they have had previous cartilage grafts or underlying conditions.

Many of the standard procedures that Mr Gault undertakes have standard fees for the various options, and these can be sent out in advance of your consultation. For previously failed surgery, however, it is very difficult to give guidance on fees or technique until Mr Gault has examined the nature of the problem at consultation so as to formulate a plan. He is unable to respond to e-mail enquiries of this nature. Important aspects for assessment include the amount, flexibility and blood supply of the tissues which remain.

Patients who are considering complex revision surgery are encouraged to make an extended (30 minute) appointment. For overseas patients or those living at a considerable distance who wish to gain an idea of what is possible before committing to travel, a Skype consultation may be useful, although a face-to-face review would still be necessary before proceeding to surgery.

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