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Advice on EarBuddies

David Gault
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Correcting baby ears with EarBuddies 

Mr Gault advises that most baby ear deformities can be corrected by splinting, particularly if you start early.  The EarBuddies website provides a very comprehensive guide as to what is achievable for which deformities without surgery.  

It is much easier and quicker to get a result from splintage if you start when baby is first born. When EarBuddies were first launched over 25 years ago, a limit of use of around 6 months was estimated for best effect, but since then, EarBuddies have been used successfully by parents themselves in children much older than this, and up to 4 years in extreme cases.  This is helpful for parents of babies whose stick-out deformities do not develop until three months of age, and those who take some time to come round to the decision to splint. Mr Gault often fits the splints in children over one year, but you should be aware that greater perseverance and a longer period of splintage is usually required in these cases.

Mr Gault developed EarBuddies for parents to fit themselves. As a general rule, the earlier splintage begins, the higher the chance of success and the shorter the time needed to correct the problem. If you struggle to fit the splints or would like additional reassurance, please book a face-to-face appointment or a remote video appointment.  

Appointments with Mr Gault himself, for consultation only, either face-to-face or over Skype can be booked online.  The fee for a 20 minute Consultation only is £240. Please note that a Consultation only appointment does not include an EarBuddies Fitting. If you wish to book a Consultation and Fitting appointment instead, please choose this option on the online booking page. The fee for a consultation and fitting is £450, not including the EarBuddies Premium Pack.  Please note that if you have purchased only a Basic Kit, you will need to shave baby's hair at home yourself, in accordance with the instructions on the EarBuddies website, from the small areas where the tapes will stick, before attending.

If you wish to wait to decide about fitting EarBuddies until you have seen Mr Gault, you will need to return for a fitting appointment at a later date. The cost of a Fitting or re-fitting appointment is £355.  It is necessary to have a Consultation before Mr Gault fits the EarBuddies.

Paediatric clinic schedules are as follows: the Wellington Hospital (Wednesday all day) and The Portland Hospital (Thursday mornings) and 9 Harley Street (Thursday afternoons).  The location of these hospitals can be found on the contact page of Mr Gault’s websites – www.davidgault.co.uk and www.earreconstruction.co.uk.


You will also need an EarBuddies Premium Pack.

If you wish to attend for fitting, you must take along a Premium Pack to the appointment so that all the necessary supplies are available. Alternatively you can order a Premium Pack with a white beanie at the same time as you book a consultation and fitting here.

Please visit the EarBuddies website IN ADVANCE OF YOUR CONSULTATION for instructions on degreasing the ears in the Fitting Guide section.  If your baby is older, you may find the should I splint? section of the site useful, and for other queries, the frequently asked questions section might be helpful.

Mr Gault is also available on Remote video for consultation.  The cost of a Remote consultation is £295.  Photos of your baby and a good video connection would be useful when taking up such a consultation.

A review fee of £295 is payable should you then wish to bring baby to clinic for a subsequent fitting of EarBuddies by Mr Gault. Please order your kit/pack from the EarBuddies website separately.



EarBuddies Consultation and Fitting, including Premium Pack with white headwear £565 (40 minutes)

Remote consultation £295 (20 mins)

Face to Face consultation only £240 (20 mins)

Face to Face consultation and fitting is £450 (40 mins) If fitting is found not to be required, no refund would be due - please order a Premium Pack from the EarBuddies website and bring it to the appointment

Separate EarBuddies fitting after a previous consultation (Remote or Face to Face) £295

Re-fitting of EarBuddies after a previous fit by Mr Gault £295




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