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Failed Pinnaplasty

David Gault
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Ear Damage caused by otoplasty

Mr Gault is able to reconstruct ears because of a failure of development (microtia or anotia), trauma (including accidents and failed surgery). Failed pinnaplasty is now the most common reason for Mr Gault to reconstruct an ear, usually because the ears have been over-pinned. Over-pinning can result from excess cartilage excision, with or without excess skin excision.


If it is possible to correct the appearance under local anaesthetic, using the ear's own tissues, then fees start at around £5,000.  If a significant amount of the ear tissue has been destroyed and additional tissues must be imported into the area, then fees are likely to be higher.  If the ear framework has been lost and must be replaced with cartilage then Mr Gault usually uses a graft from the ribcage, and in this case, a general anaesthetic is required.

The rough cost for ear reconstruction for a failed otoplasty using chest cartilage under general anaesthetic is currently around £6-£20,000 per side, depending upon whether a TP flap is required, whether two stages are required and/or whether further surgery which has not met expectation has already been undertaken at another centre.   


For over-set back ears, the rough cost starts from £9,500 for one ear, and around £15,000 for both ears, depending on whether it is necessary to take cartilage from the chest as a graft, whether the anti helical fold is deformed, and whether there is also a shortage of skin behind the ear.


There is considerable detail on Mr Gault’s websites, https://www.earreconstruction.co.uk/ear-problems/correction-of-failed-surgery and https://www.earreconstruction.co.uk/ear-correction/ear-reconstruction, for example, these are being slowly updated with recent cases.

The choice of location for consultation does not limit your choice of hospital for surgery, if necessary.


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