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Post-operative advice - set back (pinnaplasty) surgery

David Gault
Admin 0 months ago

After your otoplasty (pinnaplasty) surgery, the bandage may feel reasonably tight and swelling and bruising is quite usual.  It may track down the neck and neck stiffness can occur.

Because of the type of technique that Mr Gault developed specifically to ensure the safety of the procedure, the “pressure” effects of the swelling does not damage the important tissues, although it can feel uncomfortable. 

A post-operative ooze of blood can often occur and may look alarming. Fresh bleeding is bright red, whereas old bleeding is dark and often almost black.  It is very common to have an ooze after surgery, and sometimes overnight on the first post-operative night, as the blood pressure comes back up after surgery, and the head is closer to the same level as the heart when the body is in the resting position. 

To reduce the likelihood of swelling, discomfort and post-operative bleeding, sit quietly in a fairly upright position with pillows at your back, rather than around your ears for an hour or so at least to allow the tissues to settle.


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