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Reconstruction of damaged ears

David Gault
Admin 0 months ago

Mr Gault is able to reconstruct ears after they have been damaged for example by failed surgery, infected piercings, accidents, bites, and burns.

If it is possible to correct the appearance under local anaesthetic, using the ear's own tissues, then fees start at around £5,000.  If a significant amount of the ear tissue has been destroyed and additional tissues must be imported into the area, then fees are likely to be higher.  If the ear framework has been lost and must be replaced with cartilage then Mr Gault usually uses a graft from the ribcage, and in this case, a general anaesthetic is required.

The rough cost for a two stage ear reconstruction using chest cartilage under general anaesthetic is currently around £21-£26,000, depending upon whether a TP flap is required and/or whether surgery which has not met expectation has already been undertaken at another centre.   

There is considerable detail on Mr Gault’s ear reconstruction website, this is being slowly updated with recent cases.

Ear Reconstruction

Correction of failed surgery

Clinic schedules are as follows: the Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital (Wednesday mornings), and The Portland Hospital (Wednesday afternoons). The location of these hospitals can be found on the contact page of Mr Gault’s websites – www.davidgault.co.uk and www.earreconstruction.co.uk. The choice of location for consultation does not limit your choice of hospital for surgery, if necessary.


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