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Split Ear Lobes- one side only

David Gault
Admin 0 months ago

Misplaced, elongated or split piercings cannot be simply sewn together, as the skin will not heal without a ridge, dimple or bump. Thus, the edges must be freshened by cutting out the piercing, usually by means of a Z-plasty to minimize the scarring and strengthen the repair, and the wounds sewn together with very fine sutures.

The surgery, which takes about 40 minutes,  is normally performed under local anaesthetic (LA) as a walk-in, walk-out case. Mr Gault’s fee for correction of a single piercing in one ear lobe is £895 including one follow-up appointment.  There is an additional £100 fee for the local anaesthetic.  The cheapest hospital fee for the surgery is £225-£550 approximately.  

Although unusual, you could also have the surgery under general anaesthetic (GA), in which case the anaesthetic fee is £365, and the hospital fee would rise to £2363 approximately.

To calculate the total fees, you add together the surgical, anaesthetic and hospital fees.

Hospital fees do not include painkillers to take home, but there should be little post-operative discomfort, and you would be better advised to buy these over-the-counter because Paracetamol from the hospital is expensive.

After surgery the lobe is covered with some flesh-coloured tape.  Sutures are removed at approximately seven days, at which point the scars will look slightly red.  Treatment with Dermatix settles the redness more quickly.  There are no health implications or risks to hearing.

It is normally possible to schedule a consultation within a couple of weeks, and likewise surgery, depending on your choice of hospital.   













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