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Stick-out ears - stitches, bandage & headband

David Gault
Admin 0 months ago


What to expect after stick-out ear surgery

After surgery to set back the ears, Mr Gault prefers to use a wrap-around head bandage to protect the delicate tissues from inadvertent knocks.  Should you wish it, he is able to use a Coban self-adhesive outer head-wrapping (which comes in black and a variety of bright colours such as orange, purple and blue) over the dressings which is less obvious that the usual white bandages.  

Some patients request that the head bandage is removed earlier than the 6-10 day period Mr Gault recommends, so that they can return to social or work commitments more quickly. Whilst this can be done, it is very important in this situation that the ears are not pushed forwards inadvertently or yanked at any time, by the wearing of a helmet, for example, bedding or even high-collared clothing. 

Once the head bandage is removed,  you should wear a headband every night for a full six weeks after the procedure, to ensure that the ears are not pushed forwards during sleep.

We do not recommend any particular brand of headband, but as a guide, a wide headband which is comfortable enough to sleep in, but not so loose that it falls off at night, should be purchased - some patients use sports-type headbands, others use headbands from a fashion outlet. Alternatively, you may wish to use a Coban self-adhesive bandage which can be purchased from the internet. If you have had a Coban-type  head bandage after your surgery, you can continue to use this as a headband once the dressings and sutures are removed at 6-10 days.

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