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Surgery for Microtia and Anotia

David Gault
Admin 0 months ago

Mr Gault is able to reconstruct cases of microtia (small ear or ears) and anotia (a complete absence of either one or both ears. He does not undertake reconstruction of the ear canal (the external auditory meatus) as this adds little to the overall appearance and does not usually improve the hearing in these cases. If a bone anchored hearing aid is to be inserted, then it would best be done either after the ear reconstruction or by someone who will not compromise the success of the ear reconstruction by siting the BAHA too close to the new ear.




Reconstruction of a missing ear

The rough cost for a two stage ear reconstruction in a child is currently around £19,000 - £32,000, depending upon whether a TP flap is required and/or whether surgery which has not met expectation has already been undertaken at another centre.  Surgery for microtia and anotia is best done when the chest is 60cms or more, which is normally from around the age of 9 years.

I hope that this is helpful in the first instance.  There is considerable detail on Mr Gault’s websites, and these are being slowly updated with recent cases.

Paediatric clinic schedules are as follows: the Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital (Wednesday mornings), and The Portland Hospital (Wednesday afternoons) . The location of these hospitals can be found on the contact page of Mr Gault’s websites – www.davidgault.co.uk and www.earreconstruction.co.uk. The choice of location for consultation does not limit your choice of hospital for surgery, if necessary.


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